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    Miss Wrightings administers the cane.

    As in every school, it is sometimes necessary to use correction to encourage the development of good character and to enforce compliance and obedience.

    The Governors have provided the School with a Tariff of punishments appropriate to various offences, and this tariff extends to corporal punishment. The Headmistress and Teachers of Hardacre Hall will not flinch from performing this most important, though distressing, duty, and all parents are required to give their consent to the physical punishment of their daughters.

    All corporal punishment is recorded in the School's Punishment Book, which is inspected at each Governors Meeting. Teachers who join the School with insufficient experience of administering corporal punishment are sent to the Dyke House Teaching College to receive appropriate training.

    Pupils who do not respond to the discipline of their Teachers will be referred to the Headmistress for consideration of more severe punishments. Parents are always informed when a Headmistress's Punishment is to be applied, and parents may visit the School, with the pupil's siblings if so desired, to witness the Punishment being administered.

    Each pupil's educational progress is carefully monitored, and reviewed at each Governors Meeting. In some cases it may be necessary to apply a Governors' Punishment, and where it is determined that a salutary example needs to be demonstrated to the whole School, the Punishment may be applied in public at an Assembly.

    The more severe forms of punishment are carried out under medical supervision. The girl will receive pre- and post-punishment Inspections and Treatments, and will be firmly secured to a Whipping Frame for the duration of the punishment. It is the School's policy that a punishment will always be delivered in full. If a pupil undergoing punishment should faint, smelling salts will be used, and should the girl not revive sufficiently, the remaining part of the punishment will be applied regardless, and then repeated on a later occasion after the girl has recovered.

    The Church Trust encourages all parents to increase the use of corporal punishment in their homes, in order that our pupils stay under a regime of strict discipline at all times. It has been found that much better results can be obtained with the girls when they know that School and Home are working together.

    The School hosts the Imperial Cane & Strap Company Collection of photographic images of Corporal Punishment, and this is available for the instruction and amusement of Teachers and Parents.

    Visitors are welcome to browse among this collection, and donations of additional material are always welcome. Please contact the headmistress@hardacrehall.com .

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