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by Unknown

Mama always spanked bare bottom. She would put me over her lap to administer the spanking, and she always made me bend all the way over with my head down and bottom arched high. Her spankings were always long and painful but she always insisted that I remain in position and take my spanking the way she wanted me to.

Once when I was 16 she ordered me into the bathroom and seated herself on the closed toilet lid. I had to stand in front of her while she stripped me naked to put me over her lap. I got erect in front of her as I usually did when she prepared me for my spanking and she immediately warned me not to be "naughty"! I had to bend over her lap and she gave me a hard spanking with her hairbrush, warning me that she didn't want to see my "little boy" trying to be big when she was through spanking me. I usually had an erection when I went over her lap and she usually spanked me until it went away.

I could feel her large breasts on my back and bottom while she spanked me, slapping my bare ass cheeks in a fast snapping rhythm with her hardwood hairbrush. My bottom would be burning by the time she finally let me up. She would immediately check on the state of my penis. If it was still hard, and it usually was, she would make me get back over her lap with my burning bare bottom pointing straight up at her and my legs open to expose my balls and penis to her view. I had to remain in this humiliating position while she lectured me about being a naughty boy. "Please Mama!", I cried, knowing that it did no good but begging anyway."Please!" SMACK! Her hairbrush landed on my still hot bottom. SMACK! "Now you hush, Danny!" SMACK! SMACK! "You know better than to fight this!"

With a fresh burn in my buttocks reminding me of the futility of ever getting her to stop once she started a punishment, I just cried like most naughty boys do when getting a hard bare bottom spanking from their mother. After she stopped and stood me up again, my penis was no longer erect, but the longer she lectured me about how naughty it was to be erect in front of her, the harder it got until it was once again fully erect. "You just can't stop being naughty, can you Danny?" she asked, "You know what that means, don't you?" I just moaned in response but I did know what it meant: more spanking.

I could do nothing to stop the state of my arrousal. My penis was embarrassingly erect and she didn't take her eyes off of it as she scolded me for being so naughty. I stood up with my penis jutting up as she patted her lap with her large wooden hairbrush. Mama watched me intently as I bent over her lap, guiding my penis down between her thighs. She chided me about letting my naughty little boy stick up like that and told me that I would be sorry for such a display when she spanked me again.

By now her robe was loosened and gaping, exposing more of her breasts and falling to either side of her lap, leaving her legs bare. It felt so good feeling my penis between her thighs. When she spanked me this time it didn't hurt nearly as much and my penis seemed to surge in response. I was soon bouncing up and down with the rhythm of the spanking and I suddenly squirted with a loud cry and she started spanking me as hard as she could. The pleasure/pain felt so intense but she kept spanking hard and fast until the pleasure part ended and the hairbrush began to hurt again, a lot! She scolded me for being so naughty right when I was being spanked for being naughty. Even though I orgasmed I was still erect when she stood me up.

The mixture of sexual excitement, humiliation and pain was very powerful and very confusing. I loved it and I hated it. I began to cooperate in bringing about these scenes, doing things I knew would result in spankings, letting her catch me masturbating, which was a big no-no and meant automatic punishment, even though I dreaded them at the same time. I loved the attention she paid to my pubescent penis and the feel of her hand on it and my tight little balls. I especially loved it when she caused me to squirt, even though I knew that it always came with the price of more hard spanking and sometimes even a hard strapping with a large leather belt. It is surprising how much that I loved her and feared her all at the same time.

The End